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About T'ger

T'ger My name is T'gallen Stone, but my nickname has always been "T'ger".

I make Renaissance and Medieval Style costumes, and this is my on-line catalog.

I started sewing at the age of 8, making fabulous frocks for my G. I.Joes.

At 16, I joined the Society for Creative Anachronism, (think civil war recreation in the middle ages), and started sewing my own garb.

Friends saw my work, and asked me to make stuff for them.

A trade was born.

At 27, weary of being a full-time truck-driver (true!), I got serious about sewing for a living. Within a year, I took the plunge,and "T'gertoggs" became my only source of income!

Now, many years later, it's been a wonderful ride! Now, it's not just me, anymore. My arkansas next-door neighbor, Victoria, continues to sew my pants and tights for me. My partner of 11 years, Alex, has become an amazing manager, and I couldn't do it without him. And we are expanding what we make, and also our booth at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.So, T'gertoggs continues to evolve.

But I couldn't keep doing it without YOU, my customers! Thank you for 22 wonderful years! And here's to the next 22 years, may it be as great an adventure, for all of us! Much love, T'ger


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