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Cloaks and Hats

The Cloak

"The Cloak"

NEW for 2009!!! We have colors!!! T'ger found a great deal on many colors of wool, so we can offer color until the wool runs out! Colors include Maroon, Dark Blue, Charcoal Grey, Brown, and of course, Black. All will have a Black Lining.

"The Cloak" is made in a 3 quarter circle and can have a full, round hood, or a long, pointy hood (called a liripipe.)

They average 50-55" in length, and they button with a terra-cotta button. They are huge and will generally hold 2-3 people.

The Cloak costs $115.00 + S/H


Pizza Hat

"The Pizza Hat"

Our baggy Italian hat. It is very full, with lots of pleats in the brim.
(Makes a good frisbee). It comes in black cotton velveteen only.

The Pizza Hat sells for $16.00 + S/H

Cowl "The Cowl"

We make our cowls out of left over cloak scraps.

They are 100% wool, fully lined with cotton, and can have a round or pointy (liripipe) shape and are a "one-size-fits-all" item.

For color choices, see the list under Cloaks, above.

The Cowl costs $24.00+ S/H

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We wish to state that the current sketches and (modified) button designs were taken from the previous paper catalog, which was the work of Lord Michael Gyrfalcon of Elden, a long-standing and satisfied T'ger Toggs customer. Not only did he give us his permission but offered every assistance in this online catalog's creation. He has our gratitude, admiration and respect.