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Pants and Tights

We make one style each of Pants and Tights.

Baggy Pants

"Baggy Pants"

Our "Baggy Pants" are baggy, real baggy. The Pants are made of the finest colorfast 100% cotton pre-

washed and pre-shrunk.They have a drawstring waist and a cuff, with tie, at the ankle.

The waist averages 60" to 70" and the length usually runs 40-44" from the waistline to the ground.

Unless your waist is higher than 45" off the ground, these are another "one-size-fits-all" item.

At the present time, the pants only come in Black.

The Baggy Pants cost: $28.00 + S/H

The Tights

"The Tights"

Let's talk "Tights"---men's tights----tights with fully functional codpieces (a pouch on the front of the tights, to hold the "family jewels").

The Tights are made from heavily woven cotton/lycra (92% cotton, 8% lycra). They stretch very well, but you cannot see through them at all.


The codpieces tie on either hip, so they can be opened for calls of nature, yet stay securely closed at all other times to protect your modesty. We now offer a TIE-FREE model, which some people like as the ties can't rip out, and some people feel the the tights support beter without the ties. The tie-free model still gives you "access" to the contents of the codpiece. So, just let us know if you want your codpiece WITH TIES or TIE-FREE..

To clarify, the tights are FOOTLESS. Experience has shown that on footed tights, the feet wear out fast, so we recommend wearing socks under the tights, inside your boots.

Tights come in two sizes. The small to medium size (Regular) fits up to a 38" waist easily and a 42" waist without much strain.

For Larger sizes, tell us your measurements when filling out the Pay Pal form.

The pair pictured above is made with 2 color choices. We will also (ack!) do (ack!) solid colors.

Color choices for the tights are: black,green, dark green, red, maroon, blue, dark blue, purple, charcoal gray, big bird yellow, and WE HAVE GOLD AGAIN!!!

Click on the Size buttons to order "The Tights":.

Let us know if You want TIES or TIE-FREE

Regular - $28.00 + S/H

What are your color choices?

Large - $32.00 + S/H

Waist size and color choices?

We wish to state that the current sketches and (modified) button designs were taken from the previous paper catalog, which was the work of Lord Michael Gyrfalcon of Elden, a long-standing and satisfied T'ger Toggs customer. Not only did he give us his permission but offered every assistance in this online catalog's creation. He has our gratitude, admiration and respect.